Wildlife Removal & Exclusion

Meeting the needs of your property


Wildlife Inspection

We will thoroughly inspect your home to properly identify the wildlife that is causing damages to you property along with any possible entry points that they could exploit.

Once the animal and entry points have been identified, our Licensed Damaged Control Agent will write a detailed inspection report and proposal. The Inspection Report will outline what type of animal is doing damage and areas of entry. The proposal will detail the price, scope of service, and warranty information. Both documents will be available for the property owner to review.

Trapping and Removal 

Our licensed Damaged Control Agent adheres to the rules and regulation outlined by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission to ensure the safe handling and removal of wildlife from the property.

Exclusion Services

Once the animal have been removed, the Agent will seal all entry points listed on the signed proposal. All exclusion work will include full workmanship warranty.